A Curriculum Vitae

Dahuang Lu (René)

KEYWORKS #Data-Media, #VR/AR, #WEME, #NOUS, #ArtExb, #The Library

I am Data-Media specialist and preacher, founder of WEME Data & Media Creative Agency, curator of NOUS and ARTEXB projects, Master Hypermedia of Universite Paris 8. After 20+ years working in fields of art, internet and digital media, now I focus on data-media curation and management. I have a longterm plan of hypermedia projects to collaborate with contemporary art institutions across Beijing, Paris and New York, meanwhile there are 2 more publications related to VR/AR exhibitions and Next-generation Museum in progress. My mission is to create a blockchain of data-media, that the digital connectome will eventually pass through physical barriers. I am a part of the Cloud Atlas, I am a node that connects to the world, and this is obviously all about the Tower of Babel, borderless worlds, and Globalization.


2009 – Now, WEME
Data & Media Creative Agency Founder CEO

It’s a startup in Beijing when I was back from Paris 10 years ago. Innovation and data-driven strategy is increasingly important for business. WEME offers a full range of Creative Data and Media services for next-generation companies, with a global network of artists, designers, creators and geeks, as well as business consultants and many local service providers. Due to my outstanding achievements and professional experience in the digital media industry, I participate in corporate management and public activities as a consultant and judge many a time.

2016 – Now, NOUS
Data Media Curator

This is Lego and Minecraft, this is for everyone, this is the new blockchain art system. NOUS is made of a set of 40’ ISO containers to distribute arts across cities, export and exhibit for art delivery. Standardized container offers the best carrier for open source data-media curation, therefore the prototype of exhibitions can be download and remotely installed. The cooperation of artists and curators is built on a concept of digitization and replicability, results an interactive experience throughout the open space and social network, reinventing a next-generation art museum.

2016 – Now, Artexb.com
Digital Technology and Strategy Advisor, Member of the Board of Supervisors

Based upon the medium of VR/AR, Artexb.com is a long-term project of contemporary art, dedicated to the content and context, documentation and online promotion of contemporary art and its exhibitions. By building digital images of selected artists’ solo-exhibition history, we aim to present the track of their creation through the virtual augmented documentary. We focus upon the creative mindset of the Artist, the spatial concept by the Curator, and the unique qualities of the Space. We strive to bring forth a Never-Closing Art Exhibition of permanent data-media archives in Artexb.com.

2017 NordArt, Germany
Consultant of Contemporary Art and VR/AR projects.

Successfully recommended artist Li Zhanyang and Being 3 Gallery to be selected by NordArt. I also tried integrated VR/AR project into a Timescope installation in Berlin.

2014 Today Art Museum, Beijing
Member of Jury of Digital Art Museum

After the Beijing Art Fair 2012, this was the second meeting with the VR Exhibition project of Digital Art Museum. As one of the judges, I was invited to participate in the project review. It has won a special support funds from Beijing Government.

2012 ICE(International Copyright Exchange), Beijing
V’ART Data-Media Management and Art Trading
V’ART for iPad Apps and Database
V’ART Touch-Screen Media and Database, first installed in Beijing Art Fair 2012
XiQi Art Special Program Integrated with a E-Commerce contract
200+ Galleries signed in and registered

2011 Apple China
Authorized iOS development and Training programs Apple Conference Apps for iPhone Apple Survey Program in East Asia Universities Apple Education Apps for Children with Autism Apple Training Program in Suzhou

2011 CAFA(Central Academy of Fine Arts), Beijing
Authorized iOS development and Consultant of Digital Publication
Chinese Traditional Furniture for iPad
Jin Shang Yi for iPad
Apple Education Apps for Children with Autism

2011 Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University, Beijing
Lectures for iOS design and development

2010-2011 National Higher Education Press, Beijing
Authorized iOS development and Consultant of Digital Publication
Digital Publishing Workshop at the Press Headquarters
Digital Publishing System for iPad, National Book Fair of the year

2000 – 2013 HLJ University, Harbin
Teaching Art and Digital Media
The Academy of Art of HLJ University was founded in 2000, and I was one of the first 3 teachers and founders. At that time, I began my career as a teacher, I invited experts and elites to teach at the university, I built servers in my home’s attic to provide multi-user blog assisted learning for students and teachers, I founded the university’s first digital media profession.

2002 Adobe China Certified Engineer, Instructor

2001 District China Certified Engineer, Instructor

1999 – 2000 Ubisoft Beijing 3D Designer of Game development

1998 – 1999 HLJ Public Information Industry Corporation, Harbin Web Designer 


2017 – AURORAMA Brand Planning and New Media Consultant The ship Snow Dragon was setting off for Antarctica in November 2017. It is my honor to accept the request to name the new media project of chinese antarctic expedition. I combined two concepts of Aurora and Panorama into one word AURORAMA, it becomes the corporation’s brand. I use S.O.S as the special code of the action to South of South Antarctica, it represents our expectation and anxiety in the face of complex issues of the earth. We accomplished designing and developing for AURORAMA in 3 months and released a new website Aurorama.com. AURORAMA team will bring a whole new antarctic documentary and related images to the world in the coming year.

2017 – Inspiry Mobile Payment Service and Products Inspiry is a leading IoT company of QR Code technology. As an advisor for the president, the consultancy work is not limited to branding, product, marketing, operation management, business plan and financing. In all of these matters, and during the period of execution, the most important thing is to find the direction of the future and make decisions. We made it. The commercial website Inspiry.cn is one of industry websites based upon Thelibrary.cn

2015 – Neon Tang & Broad Interior One of Designers Data-Media project based upon Thelibrary.cn Longterm creative agency of branding, social media and press

2014 – Dimsomme Food & Lifestyle One of Business Data-Media project based upon Thelibrary.cn Longterm creative agency of branding, social media and press

2014 – Artist Coffee One of Lifestyle E-Commerce and Data-Media project based upon Thelibrary.cn Art Derivatives and Authorised Copyright Cooperation of WEME

2014 – Zlzoo.cn, Artist Brand of Zhou Li One of Artists E-Commerce and Data-Media project based upon Thelibrary.cn Authorised copyright cooperation of WEME

2014 – Eveningyu.com, High-end fashion designer brand of Yu Wanning One of Designers E-Commerce Website based upon Thelibrary.cn

2014 – Lapsule Smart Home A wireless smart music and audio system in the same age of Sonos 3 Years later, it’s a tipping point for similar products, Google, Amazon, Apple… almost all Internet giants have introduced smart audio products

2013 – We+ Brand and Business Innovation of Coworking Space I propose to break-up enterprises, to build a social co-working space based on cloud services and space sharing Workshops and Conferences Space design and Service design

2012 – Connectome Social Marketing and IP Management Next-generation Business project of Sharism team Collaborated with Dadawa, Ai Weiwei, MaSha Ma and Top 100 Elites of China

2010 – 2011 WEME Social Publishing for iPad Mobile Publishing Platform based on Social Media and Social Network
In 2010-2011, there were more than 50 Twitter-like products in China, now only Sina Weibo survived. At that time, many internet services and products such as Twitter, Facebook, Google… could still be accessed in China. Mobile-based social media was very active in the rapid rise of China’s mobile internet. WEME Social Publishing works on iPad, aims to build a high-quality and valuable content publishing platform for fragmented social media and social network. At the same time, we were developing a digital publishing system for the National Higher Education Press. I also provide digital publishing consulting services for some traditional media and press corporations. WEME Publishing is not a succeed project in business, but it is an important product for us, especially in China.

2010 – The Library Open Space, Site Builder and Data-Media project of WEME
798 Library is a Library 2.0 Space for Co-working and Experimental Art Projects since 2010, located in 798 Art Zone Beijing Thelibrary.cn is a non-coding environment of website builder based upon opensource technologies, served hundreds of sites since 2010 A Data-Media library of Contemporary Art Press ArtFeedRss magazine of the library

2007-2008 Humble Stories | Paris and Beijing
Humblestories is an experimental geo-localized social mobile application using data visualization and 2D barcode, Master 2 Hypermedia project collaborated with Clement Renauld and the other 2 Alumnus in University Paris 8.


2007 – 2008 Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis
Master 2 Technologies of Hypermedia

2006 – 2007 Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne French Language and Culture

1999 – 2000 Central Academy of Craft Art Now is The Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University Environmental Art and Design

1994 – 1998 Normal University of Harbin Bachelor of Arts, Public Art and Design

1991 – 1994 Guangzhou Communication Institute Bachelor of Science, Communication Command


2018 – NOUS, in progress, Producer 2018 – ARTEXB, in progress, Producer

2014 – The Library Booklets, Producer, WEME

2012 – The Making of Meeting, Producer, WEME

2011 – Chinese Traditional Furniture for iPad, Producer, CAFA

2011 – Jin Shang Yi for iPad, Producer, CAFA 2011 – 789 Library for iPad, Producer, WEME

2010 – ArtFeedRss Magazine of Beijing Art Guide, Chef Editor, WEME

2003 – Morphology of Visual Arts, Chef Editor, National Higher Education Press

Yellowstone Road, NOUS, Beijng 2017
Flexipolis, NOUS, Beijng 2016
Wormhole, NOUS, Beijng 2016
Lego Dada, NOUS, Beijng 2015
Faming Hongkong Art, NOUS, Beijng 2015
Tea-Horse Road, NOUS, Beijng 2015
Transcenture – Yueluping Solo Exhibition, NOUS, Beijng 2015
Water foam, NOUS, Beijng 2015
Meditation, Red Art Gallery, Beijing 2015
Masquerade, Red Art Gallery, Beijing 2014
Compliments to Vermeer Conference and Exhibition, CAFA Museum, Beijing 2010
Information and Transfusion – Xujingyu Solo Exhibition, 798 Art Zone, Beijing 2010
The Library Artists – The Opening Ceremony Exhibition of 798 Library, 798 Art Zone, Beijing 2010
I Love Songzhuang – Group Exhibit of Songzhuang Art Festival, Beijing 2008

2017 – Cyborg, Object Oriented View & Model: Data-Media, CSDN, Beijing A Workshop for CSDN Media Product Division Data media trends Four quadrants of Cyborg Design and Development Process
2017 – 10 mins 10 years, +86 Designer100, Beijing A Speech about Minimalist lifestyle
2016 – NOUS Data and Media Curation, AMNUA, Nanjing A Speech about Data-Media Curation and mini art spaces
2016 – NOUS Data and Media Curation, Anhui A Speech about Data-Media Curation and mini art spaces
2015 – BuWork Mobile Working, 751 All Space, Beijing A Speech about How we change the way of working with Social network, Mobile Applications and Cloud service.
2015 – Coffee Road and Silk Road, Eurasia University, Xi’an A Speech about Business Model Innovation of Coffee and Social Network
2012 – Rebuild the Value of Fragments from Chaos, CVW, Beijing A Speech about the New Media of Mobile Internet, invited by the Conference of Industrial Internet of China in Yizhuang Beijing
2011 – The Art of Apps, Apple China, Suzhou Authorised Apple Training Program of iOS



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